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Dynacord Powermate CHINESE FAKES

Powermate Consoles have been copied by cheap Chinese copies available at $400US only. The electronics in no way comes close to Dynacord and not electronically safe!

The outside copy has improved from Powermate Gen 2 to the Powermate Gen 3. They look almost identical externally. I work with Dynacord every day, so recognise something was fake as logo was wrong, colours of fader knobs we a little off.

These are the easy checks you can do.

Powermate Generation 2 simple fake tell is the serial number is printed onto the case. Not on a silver anti-tamper sticker.

Powermate Generation 3 the MIDI connection plugs are mounted behind metalwork on originals . Fake units the MIDI connector has a flashing mount on the outside of the case. Also no wires are actually connected to the MIDI function so will obviously not work in the fake units.

There is a person in Melbourne selling these as removed from an install. If you are concerned am happy to look at a picture for you and hopefully make sure its a real Dynacord and not a fake.

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