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Backyard Bush Repair

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

There is always a technician who knows more than the manufacturer and is willing to go the extra mile just to cause more damage. A obviously non Authorized repair company in Sydney couldn't find the fault with this Powermate 2200. So decided, lets Bypass the protection circuit, disabling the cooling circuit. What could possibly go wrong. Possibility of failure first time driven hard 100%. Possibility of blowing speakers connected to unit very high!!

Where did this power supply come from???

Removed the power supply and solder blobs bypassing protection circuits to return unit to original and then fix the fault. Then find components installed like this. When you think you have seen ruff work.... This part wasn't even the cause of unit going to protect or anywhere near the original fault.

How Long do the legs need to be? Yes I did desolder two legs.

When you own quality equipment, use quality repair technicians. There are still a few left alive.

This repair would have only cost a few hundred originally. Sadly it took 4.5 hours to get all the bypassed components,shorted parts and then to finally track and fix the a original fault.

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Do I assume they are no longer a service agent?

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