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The RCM-26 remote control module adds an extensive suite of state-of-the-art DSP, as well as the most advanced supervision and monitoring system available.A full compliment of IIR filters, signal routing, level control, compression and limiting are provided, as well as linear phase FIR filters and zero-latency FIR filters to provide the ultimate in loudspeaker optimization. Multiple presets can be stored and loaded, and all parameters are fully adjustable offline or online in real-time. Through the IRIS-Net interface, a complete set of monitoring and supervision features are at your fingertips, including VU metering, power consumption, temperature, amplifier status, load monitoring, and status. IRIS-Net also provides EV's unique one-button system check, allowing operators to monitor the state and status of all amplifiers and loudspeakers in a matter of seconds with a single click of a button. The RCM-26 also offers an AES3 (AES/EBU) input, which allows two channels of digital audio to be fed directly into the amplifier without the need for additional A/D conversion. A loop-through connector is also provided for the cascading of multiple devices. The RCM-26 and Tour Grade Series of amplifiers set a new standard for power, processing, and control in the most demanding applications.


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